Gotta Getaway

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Gotta Getaway

Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc today announced the release of The Getaway: Black Monday, the follow up to the visually arresting but ultimately shallow gaming experience that was The Getaway, created by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's Team Soho (whose members include Captain Porn Seller, Over-Priced Cocktail Girl, and It's closing time at the pub let's have a punch-up Boy).

A fairly run of the mill mafia/underworld 3rd person game, The Getaway's main draw was its realistic recreation of most of central London allowing you to drive by your actual office but unfortunately stopping short of being able to go inside and brutally murder your colleagues.

Black Monday promises more of the same, but includes brand new stereotypes, and the press release actually uses the phrase "as tough as she is pretty", if you don't belive us go look, seriously.

Part of the advertising campaign is a learn to speak Getaway piece playing to the seemingly endless American fascination with the quaintness of London accents, or as it's more commonly known, "The Don Cheadle Syndrome", the latest manifestation of the original "Dick Van-Dyke Cockney Affliction".

They tackle such classics as "Ere you are son, get your laughing gear round that", translation: "Here's your drink" however they fail to tackle Londonist’s favourite cockney cultural cliché, the "Comin in ‘ere, givin it all of that" Lobster joke.

Last Updated 11 January 2005