Danger Is London's Middle Name

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Danger Is London's Middle Name

godzilla.jpgAnother day, another we're all going to die horribly story.

According to Munich Re, a large insurance firm, London "is in the top ten of megacities that could suffer catastrophic losses in lives and property from natural disasters".

Fair enough, but when did London become a Meagcity? This new status puts us in danger of what Munich Re are calling "Megarisks".

Somebody in that company is watching way too much Manga, so it's fitting that Tokyo tops it's list as "it combined huge population with vulnerability to volcanic eruption, earthquakes, tropical storms, tsunamis and flooding".

They stop short of highlighting the risk of Godzilla attacks, 7 headed demons on the rampage, and motorcycle gangs dressed as clowns, but then that would just be childish.


Last Updated 12 January 2005