Council Clamping Confusion

By london_euan Last edited 170 months ago
Council Clamping Confusion

wheelclamp.jpgParking in London has always been somewhat of a touchy issue for most Londoners, with the general complaint being that the local councils use it primarily as a revenue gathering exercise and punish people excessively for minor infractions.

The Londonist, in it's benevolent and infinite wisdom sees both sides, having spent some time trying to work out whether it could park somewhere due to parking guidelines Indiana Jones would struggle with, yet also wanting to boot in the door of the motorist that keeps parking in the cycle lane by Olympia between 8-9am weekdays (Red Vauxhall Astra, you know who you are).

If however, you lack our balanced objectivity, and feel one way or another you can email to take part in a new survey.

And while you're at it you could refresh yourself with parking law, appeal against your existing tickets, or maybe become a warden (Tip: Applicants must have patience, tact and a sense of humour) and just do a really poor job.

Also if you've been clamped and if he hasn't been locked up for a crime he didn't commit, and if you can find him, maybe you could call Angle-grinder Man.

Last Updated 17 January 2005