Condoleezza Rice: 2005 World Tour

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Last Updated 28 January 2005

Condoleezza Rice: 2005 World Tour

We've all run into American tourists who try and cram as much culture and sightseeing into the shortest possible time frame. Big Ben in the morning, the Eiffel Tower in the afternoon and The Leaning Tower of Pisa before bed. These days of course seventeen countries in five days isn't bad when you look at how long some of them have been stuck in just one country: Iraq.

Now the new US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will soon be on her way to London, just one of many cities she'll stop off in as part of her first trip as America's top diplomat according to The Scotsman.

Britain, Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Poland, Turkey,

Israel and the West Bank. In a week. We wonder if she's trying to break a record set by her predecessor Colin Powell.

Apparently President George Bush "also plans a trip to Europe later in February, and Rice's visit helps prepare the way".

Does this mean she'll be making sure that his mini bar is filled and

that there are those little chocolates waiting on the Presidential

pillow? Or maybe she'll simply be leaving post-it notes with all the leaders' names spelled out phonetically.