Alliance Against 4x4s

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Alliance Against 4x4s

And so the trend for protestors dressed in silly costumes continues into the new year. This time it's not the Fathers4Justice (or even Mothers4Justice), but the Alliance Against Urban 4x4s.

As you might imagine the Alliance feel that taking your kids to school in a whacking great off-road vehicle is "extremely irresponsible", and that parents who ferry their kids round in these gas guzzlers are just "showing off".

To get this point across members of the protest group dressed up as teachers and lollipop ladies to target drivers at a junction in Belsize Park this morning.

As spokesperson for the group is quoted as saying,

"These vehicles are totally unsuitable for cities, jamming up roads, threatening children's safety and increasing pollution. It's a real shame that so many adults feel the need to show off to one another like this. Their cars have seen as much off-road action as the average pram. Today we are giving hundreds of parents a D for environmental damage and an E for effort."

If you would like to take a stance against the scourge of 4x4s you can sign this petition asking Ken Livingstone to increase road tax and create exclusion zones for 4x4s in urban areas; or there's ways the slightly more creative spoof parking tickets.

Last Updated 11 January 2005