Amateur Alien Autopsy Goes Awry

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Last Updated 31 January 2005

Amateur Alien Autopsy Goes Awry

fellini.jpgAs far as running into problems on a film set go its no Apocalypse Now, but amateur film makers Vincent Tempest and Adam Young managed to at least bring the local constabulary out in force in search of a dumped body.

Members of the Finchley Cinevideo Society (page under construction unfortunately, missed opportunity to get some new members there boys) the pair were filming a scene one evening where a body was being carried across a road and then buried in Epping Forest by a man in an undertakers hat.

You can pretty much figure out the rest, concerned passing motorists call the cops (concerned but not so concerned they actually stop), the police descend, the body turns out to be an inflatable alien, much hilarity ensues, cups of tea are probably consumed, maybe some biscuits.

"They understood and just said we should alert the police in future because Epping Forest is notorious for this kind of stuff."

So there you go, say you're stuck with an unwanted corpse, lack the implements to dismember and feed to the dog, why not call the police, tell them you're "filming" a body being buried, make a reference to how you're trying to be the new Fellini of Finchley and you're away.

We are of course joking, Londonist recommends an acid bath or pigs. Or both.