Abramovich Is Bond Villain

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Abramovich Is Bond Villain

In what's proving to be a fairly football heavy news day Wealthy Russian Industrialist Roman Abromavich could be facing legal action in a Swiss Court after the mysteriosu disappearance of £9 million (in footballing terms that’s 1 Arjen Robben or 3 Alexei Smertins).

According to the Guardian this could lead to his assets in Chelsea FC being frozen but his spokesperson believes this scenario is "far-fetched".

Either way, what's most important is that it's further evidence for the Londonist's "Abramovich is Bond Villain" theory.

Let’s look at the facts:

- A large yacht permanently sailing around the Mediterranean (Never Say Never Again) - Check

- A dodgy history in the Russian Oil industry (The World Is Not Enough) - Check

- A ruthless yet devastatingly attractive henchman (Goldeneye) - Check

- A large structure capable of housing a doomsday device (Every Bond film ever) - Check

So don't come crying to us when all of Earths renewable fuel sources are destroyed sending the price of oil sky-rocketing and we're plunged into eternal darkness. We warned you.

Last Updated 19 January 2005