Shoulder Surfing

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Shoulder Surfing

In a move to cut down on Cash Machine related crime (such as shoulder surfing) Lambeth Council has proposed the creation of "safe zones", a painted area around the machine that only the card user is allowed in.

But Ken says no.

More specifically "Labour talks about cutting crime yet its Mayor's transport quango is blocking ways to stop it", at least that’s the view according to Lambeth Councillor Darren Sanders.

Transport for London however believe that "the money could be better spent on improving London's transport network", like painting two tube trains in support of a bid for a sporting event nobody believes they will be able to cope with maybe?

Londonist grew up in the country so has always required ample personal space to feel comfortable, but rather than rely on a painted zone we use the guaranteed method to keep people at arms length, reeking of alcohol and gibbering incoherently.

However if we were to start campaigning for things to be painted on the pavement in London, top of our list would be:

A walking lane for tourists in the west end, where its ok to stop suddenly because you just noticed that the roof of that building looks, like, you know, really old and historical.

A zone specifically for people wanting to hand out leaflets or discuss religion, preferably in the basement of a car-park building in Hounslow.

Actual goddamn street names and building numbers.

Last Updated 09 December 2004