Lies, Damned Lies And League Tables

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Lies, Damned Lies And League Tables

The Evening Standard reports that the Tube are compiling a "list of shame" to identify the stations with the greatest number of incidents involving drunk and abusive passengers.

Looking at last year's List of Shame throws up an interesting anomaly. While there is no surprise that many on the list are commuter termini, the stations are all in Zone 1...except for Zone 3's Seven Sisters.

Londonist can think of plenty of other stations outside of Zone 1 which might attract drink-related problems (Camden Town springs immediately to mind), so why does Seven Sisters have a particular problem?

If you think you know (or even if you are Seven Sisters drink problem) let us know via the comments section.

We'll keep an eye out for this year's list and hope that more useful information (number of pubs surrounding the area, availability of nightbuses, number of passengers, and so on) appears alongside the raw figures.

In the meantime, we present our sorry efforts at renaming some stations in a drink-related fashion...

Pickled-silly Slur-cuss


Great Amount of Port-land Street

Hangover Lane

Throwing-Upton Park


Ok, ok, we'll stop now...

Thanks to Annie Mole for the picture

Last Updated 03 December 2004