I Have Felt Your Presents...

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I Have Felt Your Presents...

Still not finished your Christmas shopping? Got a Star Wars fan (i.e. almost any bloke) to buy for? Got £7,000 burning a hole in your pocket?

Well, if you head to Christies at 2pm today and scratch your nose at an appropriate time during the Film & Entertainment auction, you may well find yourself the proud owner of a Stormtrooper helmet. Then you can then tell that joke about Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker at Christmas with some justification.


The helmet looks a little scuffed so you might be able to bag it for the lower end of the Christies estimate (a meagre £5,000) so use the extra couple of grand to help fund your bids for a "rare prop moustache used by Chaplin in the The Great Dictator" (lot 71). At the other end of the scale, you could always bid for "an outfit worn by Sacha Baron Cohen as Ali G to promote the film Ali G Indahouse" (lot 191).

The combination of this auction and the fact that Kirstie Allsopp's dad used to be the chairman at Christies means that Londonist is going to have to lie down for a bit while thoughts of Ms Allsopp doing a Princess Leia are eradicated...


The Stormtrooper Helmet went for £13,145 and Chaplin's Moustache sold for five figures too!

Last Updated 14 December 2004