Furious George

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Furious George

Slandered and now vindicated, MP George Galloway, is coming to London to stick it to the pro-war New-Labourites.

Mustachioed Galloway is set to contest the seat of Bethnal Green, the home of Pro-War Labour MP Oona King, in Londons East end.

Thrown out of the Labour party under a cloud of treasonous allegations, George formed the Respect Party in January and now that his libel case against the Daily Telegraph has finished (George - 1 Telegraph - 0) he's announced his attention to run "from a cafe in Brick Lane".

Once he'd made his announcement, finished off his plate of beans, sausages and toast, and taken a big swig of tea from his Socialist Worker commemorative mug, George then launched straight into an attack on his upcoming opponent calling her "a stooge who will sing any song, make any speech, do any dance".

If Oona could also "climb any mountain" she'd get our vote, but she's too busy bouncing off the ropes and coming out swinging: "I'm delighted I've been given the chance to finish him (Mr Galloway) off, and believe me I will."

So befitting of such fiery trash talking, Londonist feels honour-bound to come up with a snappy "Rumble in the Jungle, Thriller in Manilla" type title for the upcoming electoral skirmish.

So far however, we've struggled to do better than "The Venting of the Spleen in Bethnal Green".

If anyone has any better ideas, or Don Kings phone number, please let us know.

Last Updated 03 December 2004