Football Will Destroy!!

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Football Will Destroy!!

arsenal.jpgNot content with wreaking havoc through The Premiership, Arsenal football club are also running riot over small business folk standing between them and huge profits.

As part of Arsenal Football Clubs grand plan to position themselves in the UEFA uber-club sphere (the breakaway league is coming, just admit it) they're in the process of building themselves a swanky new stadium of Nou Camp proportions, however not everybody is welcoming their new footballing overlords with welcome arms.

In much the same way that stout Bolton Wanderers refused to lay down and die before Arsenal in the league, five local businesses are challenging the Compulsory Purchase Orders they've been issued as part of the clubs expansion.

Their point is that these orders are generally issued due to an overwhelming public benefit, like a motorway, a hospital, or at least a skate park that goes to ruin in 3 months and gives the crack dealers somewhere to hang out.

Luxury apartments tacked onto a stadium development so a football club can buy continental players that have no loyalty and fall over at the slightest provocation (cough *Robert Pires* cough), doesn't constitute a public good so they're not having it.

Luckily it's not up to us to decide but the High Court in a three day case, starting today.

Here at the Londonist we like both football and small businesses, so we're a website in turmoil.

Last Updated 16 December 2004