End of an expenses era

By london_ken Last edited 167 months ago
End of an expenses era

Disastrous news for those of us you who use blank taxi receipts to give yourselves the occasional bonus, as The Evening Standard reports that Mayor Ken wants to halt blank taxi receipts. Instead, Kuddly Ken wants to install machines in every cab which will print out journey details.

Londonist has heard tales of a golden age in the 80s, told many times by our colleagues, when expenses claims never even used to require receipts. The Yuppie-casualties bemoaned the 'lack of trust' that had led to the requirement for submission of receipts that had curbed their claims for drugs (filed under "subsistence"), escorts and lapdancers ("client entertainment"), and mistress-shagging ("hotel" and "staff incentives").

Of course, a lot of the stories were probably apocryphal but no doubt our friends in the City will see our Ken's move, in conjunction with the possibility of the Germans or Belgians (or both!) taking over the Stock Exchange, as another body blow to old City good-time culture.

Last Updated 20 December 2004