Blood On The Tracks

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Blood On The Tracks


Not literally, you understand, and actually not really that figuratively either, it's just that the excitable folks at the British Airports Authority (who actually have a really good online photo library thing going on) are upset at plans by the Strategic Rail Authority to change the Gatwick Express.

So a quick recap, that’s the BAA vs the SRA.

Currently the Gatwick Express runs from Victoria Station every 15 minutes to Gatwick Airport in about 30 minutes (35 on Sundays), but the SRA want to turn it into more of a regular train, that just happens to stop at Gatwick.

The BAA however believe this is "murdering" the Gatwick Express which is over-reacting maybe a little, as if you've ever seen a commuter train to Brighton "lobotomising" might be a better turn of phrase.

It does seem a bit of a shame though as overall London airports are pretty well serviced.

Liverpool St Station to Stanstead has never been a major problem, (the guys in the kiosk who just point at the timetable on the sign behind you when you ask them if it's running on time can be a bit irksome though).

Luton, we admit, can be a bit of a nightmare but then budget holidays to the Costa Del Sol has never really been the Londonists style so we're not too fussed.

But the king of airport express services has to be the Heathrow Express. We're not sure if it's the short nature films, the dedicated BBC news updates, or the 15 minutes to Heathrow every 15 minutes kind of service (actually it's clearly the nature films, we're suckers for Meerkats) but it will always have a place in our hearts.

And lets face it at £25 return it bloody well ought to.

Last Updated 06 December 2004