Wrong Kind Of Police On The Line

By Rob Last edited 171 months ago
Wrong Kind Of Police On The Line

helmet.jpgLondon is waking up this morning to the news that, last night, a member of the Metropolitan police force was arrested for drunkenly climbing on to the tracks at Tottenham Court Road tube before walking into the westbound tunnel.

According to eye witnesses, a group of off-duty officers who had "obviously been for a night out on the town" arived on the station platform at around 11:30 last night.

While one of them climbed on to the tracks and took a stroll down the tunnel, his two mates "stayed on the platform, flashing their Met IDs everywhere and clearing everybody out."

As a result the Central line was suspended for half an hour while the man was found, brought back and detained at the station.

The Londonist would like to direct it's readers to the Met's own Policing Pledge for Londoners:

"This great police service of ours is there for one fundamental reason – to make London and Londoners safe. We will focus on that by:

Identifying and capturing wrongdoers and bring them to justice, forcing them to realise we simply won’t allow crime to pay, making them understand there is once more no hiding place from the forces of law and order (not even tube tunnels).

Protecting our citizens from the activities of criminals and the effects of anti-social behaviour (like getting pissed and disrupting public transport).

Building effective partnerships with our colleagues and every level of the community to fight and defeat crime (like working alongside the British Transport Police to arrest half-cut coppers with a deathwish)."

Last Updated 04 November 2004