Tower Records

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Tower Records

So, it turns out the ravens in the Tower have only been there since Victorian times and the story that the monarchy will fall if they leave is a 19th-century invention.

Of course, there’s unlikely to be anyone over the age of eight who ever believed this story, but Londonist is saddened all the same. The Tower ravens have always been rather ridiculous creatures, especially since their wings have been clipped to prevent their departure. If they did wander out, it would cost them £13.50 to get back in, so it’s natural to think they would want to stay, pampered camera-fodder as they are.

But it was always amusing to think that a chief duty of the yeoman-warders of the Tower – a royal prison that has held traitors, heretics, thinkers, queens and Nazi war criminals – was to protect some bad-tempered flightless birds in order to prevent a republic

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