Dog Walking Disaster

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Dog Walking Disaster


There's nothing like a nice brisk walk in a London park, whether you're a Member of Parliament or a famous Hollywood star, but now all that is at risk due to out of contol packs of dogs being walked inappropriately.

The answer to this of course is regulation, specifically, a license that you're going to need if you plan to walk more than four dogs at one time.

Tim White from K9 Caper dogwalking agency points out that "tests showed four dogs was the maximum a walker could safely control," adding, "The difference a fifth dog makes is astounding."

The Stu Sutcliffe of the dog walking group if you will.

If you fancy a job trailing behind a pack of dogs through Wandsworth common, stopping occasionally to pick up their faeces, the folks at Urban Tails are hiring, but for all our online dogwalking needs we can't go past Happy Hounds and Cooler Cats, mainly because of their extensive use of clip art.

Last Updated 18 November 2004