The Nathan Barley Story?

By Rob Last edited 170 months ago
The Nathan Barley Story?

Is the next Chris Morris project a sitcom based around Nathan Barley, the 'Hoxton twat' character from TVGoHome?

There's quite a big article in today's Independent which would suggest that it is.

The facts seem to be that Morris's new project will be a six part sitcom called (maybe) "Box of Slice".

Channel 4's director of programmes, Kevin Lygo is quoted as saying, "It's more traditional than the stuff he has done in the past. It's not exactly a sitcom, but people do sit down in it from time to time."

(Someone needs to tell Kevin what the 'sit' bit of sitcom actually means).

While a spokesperson for the channel says, "Everything is speculation. Even the title and transmission date."

This doesn't stop the Independent writing another few hundred words on the the presumption that the series will be an adaptation of the Nathan Barley character invented for TVGoHome by television critic Charlie Brooker.

Barley is described by Brooker (who is said to be co-writing the series) as a "fuck-haired swaggering cock-about-town whose very existence indelibly tarnishes the world's already questionable track record".

Londonist has to admit that we will be surprised if this turns out to be right. The 'aren't Hoxtonites annoying' tack just seems a little too easy for someone of Morris's genius.

But you never know, he may just surprise us all.

Last Updated 05 November 2004