Schooling in public

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Schooling in public

Time was when a visit by royalty to the official opening of a school would be accompanied by rows of white-shirted kids, smiling keenly and waving their union flags.

Not any more. The Queen's school-opening in Lambeth last week was met by placard-waving protesters and children dressed in bin-bags.

neville3[1].jpgThey were objecting to the lack of secondary school education facilities in the south London borough of Lambeth.

Of the 2,400 11-year-olds going onto secondary education in Lambeth each year, 900 of them have to travel outside the borough to get educated. The government has made the money available, but the council cannot find suitable sites.

Seems a bit harsh to take it out on poor old Queenie, but, what can ya do?

Last Updated 01 November 2004