Santa Outraged

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Santa Outraged

Today's Sun carries an exclusive interview with Father Christmas, who tells of his "torment" at being banned from stores on Oxford Street.

"I take this as an insult to me and children everywhere." Santa tells the paper from his "secret Lapland retreat". "It breaks my old heart to be banned from Oxford Street in London...This is a real kick in the teeth."

Strangely, at one point Santa seems to refer to himself in the third person:

"I'd be lying if I pretended we hadn't been saddened by news that Father Christmas has been banned from shopping centres. And yes, it did cross my mind at one stage to throw in the towel and give it all up."

But I suppose we can forgive him, after all he is getting on a bit.

Londonist knows of only one store in the center of town where kids are guaranteed a spot on Santa's lap, and that's Hamleys.

Santa arrives at the store this Saturday at 10.30am along with Batman, Spiderman and the Power Rangers (proving that men who like dressing up tend to stick together).

Father Christmas will be available for appointments between 11am and 4pm everyday on the 2nd floor until 24 December, after which he gets a bit busy.

Last Updated 24 November 2004