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Music On Our Radar

As with the weekly TV review, we're trying to come up with a good title for our regular gig alerts. Londonist loves a good pun. Actually, we like an awful pun, too, so any ideas are welcome. Please do your worst in the comments section.

We said in a previous post that we'd try to avoid writing about the obvious bands, so in that spirit here are a couple of reasons why you should just switch off your television set and go do something more interesting instead:

Wednesday 17th November

Thread play the Comedy. They're not headlining so they'll be on stage at 9.40pm. Worth checking out for fans of spiky guitar pop, if only to confirm Londonist's view that the singer looks uncannily like a cross between Graham Coxon and Weezer's Rivers Cuomo.

Thursday 18th November

The Pipettes aren't your average four-white-guys-with-guitars band, and play short, snappy, girlie pop which occupies the musical ground somewhere near, but not too near, the Grease soundtrack (yes, we consider this to be a good thing). If you're looking to foment your pop sensibilties, get yourself along to Camden Barfly. Again, this lot aren't headlining so make sure you don't get there too late. Tickets are £6 but you do get to see three other bands too. The Pipettes are playing several other gigs in London, so if you can't catch them this time round, their other gigs are:

23rd November - Borderline (with Magic Numbers)

24th - Rendition, Parker Place, Holborn

25th - Buffalo Bar, Highbury and Islington (with Mystery Jets)

Londonist will be there on the 24th to review the gig and hopefully have a chat with the band.

If you're looking to be featured in our gig or record reviews, please e-mail us with your details. Don't send us MP3's just yet though!

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