Mock the Vote

By london_ken Last edited 170 months ago
Mock the Vote

And talking of vote rigging...

Schoolboy errors abounded at the weekend as the XFM Rock School's online vote was rigged.

One error came from XFM's technical end, as the 'one person, one vote' setting was overcome with ease. Another came from the bands rigging the votes, who failed to cover their tracks as the XFM technical team, to their credit, worked out what had happened.


The net result was that the ballot was declared invalid and a text message voting system put in place. Londonist once wrote a dissertation on voting methods but was unable to contrive to implement the Borda Count method as XFM inexplicably failed to consult us.

Those of you who haven't already had the pleasure of hearing the Rock School entries will find ample opportunity to while away dead hours at work by listening to 200 different cover versions on the XFM website.

You have until 6pm tonight to vote for your favourite.

Last Updated 23 November 2004