Heist, Heist, Baby

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Heist, Heist, Baby

Londonist loves a good heist film, and has wiled away many an hour working out how to traverse our working environment without touching the floor and evading non-existent infra-red beams.

But lately we've been getting a sneaking suspicion that a snappy black, poloneck jumper and an elaborate pulley system aren't exactly essential for taking down one final big score.

Security expert Will Geddes agrees with us as he has spent some time "casing" (this is heist talk for having a look around) some of Londons top museums, and he believes that he "found weaknesses in areas like building access and use of technology."

Unsuprisingly the Museum security personnel disagree, especially The Wallace Collection who imply that Geddes is basically just a guy walking around going "see that painting, I could have that" as he "may not have seen many of the security measures which are hidden."

It's got to be lasers right? Or gas? Or Deadly Ninja Attack Monkeys behind a one way mirror?

Or an asthmatic 70 year old called Stan who was "hidden" in the bathroom emptying his colostomy bag.

And as to why there's a picture of Wallace and Gromit with this post, it may not be a heist movie in the tradional sense but The Wrong Trousers definitely has a robbery worth watching.

Last Updated 16 November 2004