Heathrow Airport Nakedness

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Heathrow Airport Nakedness

airportsecurity.jpgScience has finally managed to catch up with the adverts in the back of comics from about 20 years ago with the introduction of an X-Ray machine that makes people look naked.

Admittedly it's not in the handy spectacle format all perverts in training have been craving, but the new scanner installed in Londons Heathrow Airport uses new technology to render "naked" images of passengers passing through.

Whilst naked pictures of complete strangers is obviously a draw in it's own right the real benefit is that "it detects the outline of any solid object — such as plastic explosives or ceramic knives — which conventional metal detectors would miss."

And rude bits.

Reassuringly, Heathrow does say that images are immediately erased once passengers have been checked, and the Londonist has complete faith that the British Airport Authority IT department is much more reliable and trustworthy than the ones we've worked with.

Last Updated 08 November 2004