FIFA Gaming Geek Fest

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FIFA Gaming Geek Fest


We at the Londonist like video games.

There, we've said it. A post-pub session of Mario Karts or Super Monkey Ball is nothing to be ashamed of, and even though we may have lost a fair percentage of our life to Championship Manager and the odd sojourn in the Grand Theft Auto universe, our relationships are still intact, and we can function (adequately) in a social environment.

We have not, however, been one of those types that proselytizes at length on how gaming needs to be taken seriously as a sport (except maybe Dance Dance Revolution), but that's exactly what’s happening at Earls Court on Saturday the 22nd of November.

Games software behemoth Electronic Arts is hosting the UK stage of the FIFA Interactive World Cup, with winners going on to participate in the World Finals in Zurich on December the 19th.

According to the official website the ultimate winner will "stand alongside the world's best footballers at the FIFA World Player of the Year ceremony and be recognised as the world's best football gamer with the award of FIFA Interactive World Player of the Year along with ultimate bragging rights!"

Wow, bragging rights, cool.

Throw in a date with a real live girl and that'd be some prize.

Last Updated 11 November 2004