Crossrail Traffic

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Crossrail Traffic


So parliament reopened today, there was much procession, knocking on doors and Prince Phillip trying hard not to screw things up.

The Queen read out the traditional speech written for her by the government, which explains the punching of the air and the yelling of "Tony Rules!!" halfway through, and then outlined over 20 bills, of varying degrees of interest.

It's pretty much a case of a little something for everyone to get upset about, mainly students getting screwed for more fees, but then students are never really happy unless they're face down in a puddle of cider under a pool table in a student union.

Bloody students.

Anyway we digress, the reason why the Londonists interest was piqued was due to the fact that one of the bills proposed includes the Crossrail project.

It's basically a heavy rail system that links up the mainline rail services right through the middle of London, also connecting to the tube lines.

This is very exciting, but don't take our word for it, Norman Haste, the Chief Exec of Cross London rail links tells us that "Everyone on the project has been working hard to reach this point. We are looking forward to seeing a bill presented to Parliament as we move another step closer to making Crossrail a reality."


Until of course you realise that it's a public/private funded initiative, it already has a legacy of problems with finance, and it won't be ready (optimistically) until 2013.

Not so exciting now is it?

Last Updated 23 November 2004