Clocking off

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Clocking off

clock.jpgThe clocks went back on Saturday, so at least one of the Londonist team spent much of Sunday morning getting reacquainted with timing devices that he had forgotten existed.

So far we've counted 15 of them.

When the clocks go forward you can guarantee a quiet tour of the local supermarket when it opens at 10am, but when the clocks go back you are likely to discover at least three fractious families who have been waiting in their cars for an hour.

Also spotted at the weekend was the local Ukrainian car valet service (open 8am to 7pm) still eagerly awaiting their first customer at 7.30am.

Usually the UK moves its clocks back a week earlier than in the US, but this year we appear to be in sync. Presumably the US wanted to move its clocks back before the election rather than afterwards, given the unfortunate metaphors that might be used should George W get re-elected.

Little-known snippet of the week: Arizona, Hawaii and parts of Indiana do not have summer time.

Parts of Indiana? Should make for fun at least twice a year.

Last Updated 01 November 2004