Kerry is Anti-London?

By Rob Last edited 234 months ago
Kerry is Anti-London?

You thought you were dong a good thing.

You particpated in the ill-fated Guardian letter writing campaign. You sent off for the John Kerry campaign pack and stuck the stickers on your fridge. And you even try and watch the Daily Show via satellite telly.

kerry.jpgBut now you're told that a vote for John Kerry is a nail in the coffin for London's 2012 Olympics bid. What is a woolly-liberal Limey supposed to do?

The argument goes like this. Just about everyone on the International Olympic Committee dislikes Bush. So, right now, the games are highly unlikely to go to New York (kind of unfair when you think about how much Bush-hatred there is in the Big Apple).

But, if J.K. wins on November 2, he might smooth things over a bit in Iraq and NY might start to win a few votes again.

Which is bad news for us (or not, if you subscribe to the view that bringing the Olympics to London will bankrupt the city and make us the laughing stock of the world).

So if you want the Games in London the answer seems to be: do everything in your power to make sure the chaos and violence in Iraq continues for as long as possible.

The worse it gets the more chance you have of getting to see the women's walking marathon in 2012. It's a small price to pay.

Last Updated 28 October 2004