Dave's Big Night Out

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Dave's Big Night Out


The 23rd of March 2005, The Royal Albert Hall, London.

Put it in your diaries and book your ticket now because it's going to be a sellout.

At least Londonist hopes it will be for Dave Loew's sake.

Dave is our new hero because he's booked the Royal Albert Hall so he can play to hopefully 3900 fans.

Hopefully, because he's going to splash out £55,000 to stage the event, which is a pretty expensive way to stick two fingers up to the music industry who have been holding Dave (55) back from his rightful place on the hit parade.

This is because, as Dave points out, "The problem is with the bean counters who have lost touch with the public, it is a kind of arrogance."

The kind of arrogance that can only be countered by booking one of the most prestigous venues in the world, hiring a 30 piece orchestra, and playing from your repitoire which includes "Vivaldi and Granados" as well as "The Beach Boys and Elvis Presley".

Alternatively, he could take the £55,000, buy a top of the range Jaguar, pop in one of his three previously self-published CDs into the stereo and take his Mum for a nice drive around Kensington.

Unable to track down a CD online the best Lonsonist can offer is the chance to win one through the nice folks at Classic FM.

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