Canned Eat

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Canned Eat

Safeway supermarket at Crystal Palace has given 1,400 cans of soup to the nearby Westow Street branch of the Salvation Army, the biggest donation that the local “Sally” has received since the European Union dumped part of its cheese mountain on it in 1989.

soup.gifClearly the advantage of canned soup over cheese is that it has a longer shelf life, although a potential disadvantage is that not many of the wandering homeless are likely to be carrying a tin opener, a saucepan and a primus stove.

More likely therefore is that the soup will be distributed alongside hymns and prayers to Jesus at the forthcoming seasonal festival.

Apparently the Upper Norwood Salvation Army is no stranger to bulk gifts. In the past it has received 100 safety bath plugs and 100 lo-energy light bulbs. So, if you are about to become homeless and plugless, but want to find Jesus and a way to cut down on your electricity bill, you know where to go.

Soup-lovers preferred.

Last Updated 26 October 2004