Pubs in Hackney

We've yet to open this area to readers' votes. So, for the time being, we've picked a tiny starting pool of local pubs that we think are among the best. There are others, so get a vote in early by nominating your favourites in the comments below.

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Lou lou

You really need to head over to Lower Clapton and Homerton! We are spoilt for choice nowadays!!!!!

Yeah! Hackney

Hackney as a borough is a pretty big area and covers Clapton, Dalston, Stoke Newington and some of Shoreditch which have their own sections on here (I also think the marksman isn't actually within the Hackney borough, but just in Tower Hamlets). But you should add: The plough in Homerton, the jackdaw and star and the Adam and Eve in Homerton too and the cock tavern in Hackney Central

Barbara May Bennett

I would definitely nominate The Cellars on Newington Green


Pretty sure Royal Oak and Marksman aren't in Hackney. Were you running short? There are plenty of others!


5 of these aren't even in Hackney... And what about The Cock Tavern on Mare Street? Easily one of the best pubs in the city, let alone the borough.


The Alfred Le Roy canal boat cocktail bar outside Crate brewery is amazing and should definitely be on this list. Their cocktail cruises are AMAZING!!!


Wenlock arms should be in there. Great Real ale pub. Now has its own micro
brewery in the cellar - BLOCK brewery but it's not always available as
they seem to sell out quicker than they can brew! There's the odd pie
available but no food to speak of.