26 May 2017 | 22.3 °C

Pubs in Barnet

Dickens proclaimed Barnet to be full of pubs. Oliver Twist visits one with the Artful Dodger, not long after the pair meet in the eponymous novel. Today, the town has fewer drinking options,  but those that remain are nearly all excellent. We've yet to put this area to a reader poll, but have picked some of our own favourites. Please feel free to nominate further places in the comments below — or add anecdotes about those we've chosen.

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One you should have listed for Enfield/Winchmore Hill is the Dog & Duck on Hoppers Road. Proper old man's pub (in a good way) that just does good beer, served well with no food. The regulars and staff are nice and friendly, and the only reason I don't go there more often now is that we had to move away. :( Worth checking out if your in the area.