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Londonist Out Loud: A Tour Of Art Deco London

Welcome to the latest episode of Londonist Out Loud, a podcast about London, as recommended by The Telegraph. We are now using Acast, meaning you can play the podcast from this page by clicking the player above. The Acast player has a neat function allowing you can to see photos of N Quentin Woolf's tour, plus links to the things he's talking about. You can also download the app on iTunes or the Android Store and listen to us on the go. Londonist Out Loud is still available on iTunes. You can also download the podcast as an MP3.

Londonist Out Loud is presented and produced by N Quentin Woolf.

Be honest with yourself — exactly how much do you know about Art Deco? You may be able to identify the style, but can you be more specific than that? This week, N Quentin Woolf goes to Bloomsbury to meet tour guide Yannick Pucci, who explains more about the style, and gives a tour of the wonderful Tavistock Court, the Daimler garage and more.

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Was really keen to learn about London's art deco buildings but have had to switch off after 20 mins - learnt nothing other than the guest's numerous business ventures. But more importantly, the prerequisite for a radio/podcast interviewee should be a voice that is easy on the listener's ear. In this format, there is nothing to distract from this guest's jarring voice and rhythm of speech.

Greg Tingey

One of the best was wantonly destroyed about 10 years back:
"The Paviours' Arms" in Page St/
Inside a 30's block.
The pub was pure Art Deco & could have been saved - but no-one bithered & AFAIK, none of the decorations etc were saved either - The V&A were particulalrly spineless I'm sorry to say.


Oh I did the Art Deco tour with Yannick... lovely to see him getting exposure for his work and Art Deco. Bravo Londonist. :)

Dave K

Thanks for yet another interesting podcast! N Quentin Woolf has wonderfully relaxed voice and the topics are so varied. Well done.


Thank you for an excellent podcast. Wouldn't mind more with architectural themes.