Seen A Tenuous Tube Ad? Send Us A Snap

Seen A Tenuous Tube Ad? Send Us A Snap
This is the good stuff

It's a skill, the tenuous tube ad. That is, the art of linking up a brand with something tube-related... on an ad that's on the tube.

Get it right, and you're god's gift to subterranean advertising (see above Lion King ad).

This one takes another classic tube phrase, and twists it into its own meaning (although confusingly, the ad has nothing to do with the male-female pay gap):

This one's quite good too — or it is when you realise it's saying you can straighten your hair in the time it takes to get from Bond Street to Oxford Circus (as opposed to saying that the tracks at Bond Street are seriously buggered):

This one's fun enough — although what Michael Jackson's got to do with First Direct, we do not know (plus we're genuinely surprised TfL didn't have health and safety issues with this):

Do a half-arsed job of your tenuous tube ad, and you'll earn the confused tuts of a handful of commuters:

Could do better

Get it wrong, and you'll never work in tube advertising again:

Ah yes, that well-worn phrase, 'Check the Gap'.

What's the best/worst tenuous tube ads you've seen? Send us a snap, or email to We'll share the best in an article.

Last Updated 13 September 2017


Straighten your har in 5 minutes ... between Bond St and Oxford Circus? That's walking speed, not tube speed. Unless the tracks are reeeeeelly buggered.