How Many Buses Can You Ride In An Hour?

How Many Buses Can You Ride In An Hour?

In January 2018, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan launched the new Bus Hopper Fare, which lets you ride as many buses and trams as you like within an hour, all for one flat fare.

We spoke to Sadiq Khan about his favourite seat on the bus (front, naturally) and he gave us some tips for pretending to drive a bus. Then, he challenged us to ride 15 buses in an hour... see how we got on:

The experts over at All The Buses, who helped us with this challenge, reckon 30 buses in an hour — and all for £1.50 — is possible. Up for the challenge? Let us know how you get on.

Last Updated 05 February 2018

Andrew Gwilt

Amazing how Geoff and the 2 guys from All The Buses did 25 buses in a hour. Amazing.

Michael Morgan

Yes a bit of fun. However, I don't think this unlimited bus hopper is a great development on the two buses in an hour. If you have somewhere to go then changing to another bus in an hour is at the mercy of how quick the first bus travels and the second bus turns up. I tried getting the 172 Crofton Park to Elephant & Castle then bus up to Oxford Circus several times. Sometimes I qualified for the hopper and others not. As for getting a bus, then a tube, then a bus all within one hour well...