Things To Do Today In London: Wednesday 12 April 2017

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Modern Day Dream at Rich Mix

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Things to do today

EASTER HOLIDAYS: If you're running out of ideas for how to keep the little ones entertained, look no further than our list of things to do during the Easter Holidays.

BUNS POP-UP: Great British Bake Off winner Candice Brown presents a hot cross buns pop-up in Covent Garden, which is sure to be scrumptious. Primrose Bakery, Covent Garden, just turn up, 9am-4pm

CARPENTRY EXHIBITION: See all the great things that The Carpentry Club has put together in this exhibition. Every wooden thing you can think of is on display: from chopping boards to go-karts. Oxford House, free, just turn up, 12-18 April

POP-UP CARDS: A chance for your child to make you an Easter card that you'll cherish for years to come, at this pop-up card making workshop. Age 8+. Geffrye Museum, £20, book ahead, 2pm-4pm

GIN MASTERCLASS: Indulge in a Gin Rendezvous to celebrate the Tall Ships regatta weekend in Greenwich, hosted by Plymouth Gin. Rivington Greenwich, £20, book ahead, 12-14 April, 5pm-7pm

Gin Rendevous at Rivington Greenwich

EXPERT WITNESSES: This Gresham College lecture debates the merits and problems of relying on expert witnesses in the family courts. Barnard's Inn Hall, free, just turn up, 6pm

DREAMING: Arrive from reality, then find yourself slowly sinking into your subconscious. Experience a full sonic and visual experience filled with art and live performances, all focusing on the subject of dreaming. Rich Mix, £3, book ahead, 6.30pm

ROBOTIC SURGERY: Hear how modern day surgeons are realising the impossible through the use of robots and 3D printing. The Royal Institution, £14/£10/£7, book ahead, 7pm-8.30pm

BOOK LAUNCH: Poet Inua Ellams launches his new book at Southbank Centre's Poetry Library — the location where much of the book was written. Hear short readings from Ellams himself, plus there's a live DJ. Poetry Library, free, book ahead, 8pm

AWKWARD TALK: When it comes to growing up, there's one conversation that all parties involved dread. The Talk. Well here's a show dedicated to that awkward and difficult watershed moment when families discuss sex. Battersea Arts Centre, £12.50/£10, book ahead, 8.30pm

Art review: refugee portraits

Some examples of the great works in this show. On the left is Auerbach (© The Artist/ Marlborough Gallery) and Frankfurther on the right (© The Estate of Eva Frankfurther).

Eva Frankfurther uses a drab, dull palette of browns and greys — perfect for her paintings of refugees and working people in austere times, dockers having a meagre lunch and families going about their day to day lives. Downstairs is work of Germans who fled to the UK, including some fantastic drawings and paintings by Auerbach. It's a perfect time to look at the great contributions to art by refugees. Refugees: The Lives Of Others at Ben Uri Gallery, 108a Boundary Road, NW8 0RH, until 18 June (lower galleries until 4 June) ★★★★☆ (Open every day) Tabish Khan

Theatre review: objectivity versus empathy in consent

Anna Maxwell Martin. Photo: Sarah Lee

Nina Raine's new play Consent examines a rape case, where the lawyers for the prosecution and defence are friends. The debate over how empathy and emotion can be reconciled with rationality and objectivity is then played out in the men's own lives as their marriages fall apart. The play is well written, thought provoking and strongly acted — Anna Maxwell Martin proves particularly fine. Sometimes the intellectual exploration of the characters' motivations makes it difficult for us simply to feel their pain and emotions, but, considering the serious subject matter, the play succeeds in eliciting many — albeit occasionally nervous — laughs. Consent, National Theatre, £15-50, 4 April-17 May ★★★★☆ [Monday-Saturday] Sam Smith

Good cause for the day

CHARITY FOOTBALL: Watch a group of ex-pros and celebrities battle it out in this charity football match. Footballing legends Ricky Villa and Ossie Ardiles share the pitch with celebrities such as Josh Cuthbert and Dan Edgar. All proceeds go to Action for Children and The Brain Tumour Charity. Millwall FC £7.50/£10/£25, book ahead, 20 May


Fun things to do with our friends and sponsor Funzing.

Love Actually

Nothing says Christmas like a special screening of everyone’s favourite love story: Love Actually. The film will be accompanied by a fun and fascinating talk about the psychology of love from evolutionary anthropologist Dr Anna Machin, giving you a great insight into why some of us are luckier in love than others. And as an extra special festive treat, every ticket includes a glass of mulled wine, a mince pie and a very festively decorated venue.  Get tickets

Bitcoin and Ethereum for Dummies

Have you heard of Bitcoin and Ethereum? Perhaps because it's been in the news a lot recently due to spectacular price rises. But what exactly is Bitcoin? How is Ethereum different? Is it too late to get involved, or is this just the beginning? In this talk, Owen Barnes will cover the essentials of cryptocurrencies, assuming you have no prior technical knowledge. By the end you should have the tools and confidence you need to participate in the biggest technological shift since the creation of the Internet.   Get tickets

Take a Walk Through London's Most Historic Spots

Have you visited London's Roman ampitheatre? What about London's Medieval market places? Hear weird and wonderful tales of our beautiful city as you take a walking tour, seeing everything from centuries-old churches to the hanging place of William Wallace. Whether you've lived here all your life or are visiting for a few days, you're sure to learn something new about London. Get tickets

Talk: Is Monogamy Dead?

Are we all a bit more polyamorous than we admit? Our diverse definitions of infidelity are brought under spotlight by comedian, writer and broadcaster, Rosie Wilby, as she presents some of the surprising results of a survey she conducted as research for her book, ‘Is Monogamy Dead?’. Perhaps the wide variety of connections we experience deserve more language, like a ‘love affair friendship’? Get tickets