Best Of Londonist: 16 July 2017

Your Sunday morning best of Londonist weekly round-up.

Tube Maps Don't Come More Honest Than This

When's the last time you got off the tube at No One Cares?

Why We'll Be Calling Crossrail The Lizard Line

Elizabeth Line, or Lizard Line?

Steam Rooms, Swinging And Warm White Wine Londonist Goes To North London Sex Sauna Rio's

You can't leave your hat on.

A New Crossrail Map Has Been Released

Good news for those living on the purple line

It's Been 10 Years Since Major Works At King's Cross... Here's What's Happened Since Then

Do you even remember what it used to look like?

Ever Noticed This Typo On A Greenwich Bus Stop?

Sent in by an eagle-eyed reader

A Monument To A Failed Eurotunnel Project

They look like giant transformers.

Don't Miss Alexandra Palace's Awesome Summer Festival

Grab your tickets now for guaranteed good times.

Seven Brutalist Architects Who Ruined London

Author lays into the capital's concrete monoliths.

In Pictures: London's Houseboats

It's a house. On a boat.

Has Your Favourite London Markets Been Done In Watercolours

From Berwick to Broadways.

Riding The Thames Funicular Railway

Up and down.

Did You Know Bank Junction Banned All Vehicles Except Buses?

Flouting the rules.

Reasons Why Slough Is Amazing

Turning around its reputation.

Secrets Of Burlington Arcade

Look out, beadles are about.

In Photos: Lego Star Wars In London

Spotted in the capital.

In Photos: Pride In London 2017

A sea of rainbows.

Video: Chinatown's Sweet Little Secrets

We went to Chinatown for a spot of dessert, and look what we found...

When Cheetahs Used To Race In Harringay

12 cheetahs were imported from Africa

Using The Most Easterly Crossing On The Thames

A little-used passenger service just beyond the M25.

These London Underground Boards Are Going Viral

They're staying anonymous to keep up the mystery and fun. "A bit like Banksy."

Life's A Beach At These London Locations

Get that beach holiday feeling at these London locations

A Little Rooftop Oasis On Southbank

Featuring over 200 species of British wildflower... and cocktails

My London: Ashley James

It's a transatlantic epic

In Pictures: The Utopian Italian Hill Town In South East London

Reaching new heights.

Introducing Hope, The Natural History Museum's New Centrepiece

Of course we miss Dippy, but Hope sure has made a splash...

This Fascinating Whales Exhibition Is A Giant Success

We felt Lilliputian among these giants.

There's A Weekend Long Cocktail Party Is Hitting London This July

A classy booze-up with 25 of the city's top mixologists.

Video: There's A Miniature Version Of England Just Outside London

It's the little things that count.

10 Reasons To Visit City Of London's Guildhall

It's free.

In Pictures: The Beatles Having Fun Around London

A day in the life.

See London Landmarks Recreated In Cakes

Packed with flavour.

Inspiring And Hard Hitting Art From The Us Civil Rights Movement


Drown In Roses And Domestic Bliss: Paintings By Alma Tadema

Can you kill people by smothering them with roses?

London's Parks Hide Architectural Gems

Beautiful buildings hiding in our parks.

"London Is World's Most/Second Most/Sixth Most Expensive City", Say Three Articles You Just Read

Basically, you can't afford to live here, OK

London's Most Extravagant Cocktails

Anyone for Whisky Mousetrap?

What We've Learned Taking A Dog On Public Transport

They're the best tool to guarantee a free seat next to you

In Pictures: Camden's Street Art

Reason #342 to love Camden: the street art

Death In The Ice: The Hunt For A Lost Arctic Expedition

Engrossing tales.

In Pictures: Turning Back Time To 1911

A little while back...

Funfair Cocktails And Fiery Meze At This Neon Infused Fitzrovia Joint

Fine meze.

Video: Fantastic Carnaby Street Is London's Worst Kept Secret

Perfectly Kingly.

Meet London's Real Life Dick Van Dykes

"On a good day, you get covered in soot."

Finally, Southern Has Worked Out How To Deal With Its Passengers... Using A 15 Year Old

A momentary halt in negative publicity.

A Wheely Interesting Coffee Shop

The Old Street café with a difference.

F1 Grand Prix To Be Held At Olympic Park?

Stratford the new Silverstone?

Things Are Getting Colourful At Camden Arts Centre

More great art for free

Video: What Even Is A Whoopie Pie? Rob Investigates

There's nothing cattywampus about this amazing bakery in London

What Is This Mystery Object In Denmark Hill?

The answer's in the article, but what do you think it is from the photo?