Ben Norum

Ben moved to London a few years ago having grown up on the South Coast (Chichester, to be exact – pretty, Roman but not a lot going on) and gone to Uni in Portsmouth. After a short while living ‘behind’ Goodge Street in a very central but slightly illegal kind of a way, he found a home in Kennington and loves its closeness to just about anywhere, its great transport links, the plethora of pub options, and the fact that it’s a little bit quieter than Goodge Street. He’s slightly food obsessed (read: greedy) and more keen on sherry than it may be wise to admit. He “works” as a freelance food writer with a few webby bits thrown in for good measure. He’s definitely a ‘south of the river’ person, but would be loathed to go too far. Citing Lower Marsh, The Cut, East Street Market (off Walworth Road) and The South Bank amongst his favourite places he’s (shock horror) not adverse to a bit of Elephant & Castle either.