17 December 2013 | By: Sponsor

Dine Another Day: Win Tickets to the ICEBAR New Year's Eve Party

This is a sponsored article for ICEBAR London.


Do you dream of racing Aston Martins along cliff tops? Having your perfectly-tailored tuxedo slightly torn during a fight atop a moving train? Of turning people's heads as you walk into a casino?

Your dream can become a reality - ICEBAR LONDON in Heddon Street has chosen a Classic Bond theme for its NYE celebrations this year, complete with champagne and casino tables. Guests will enjoy a five course meal in the warm and cosy restaurant before adjourning to the ICEBAR for champagne cocktails in specially-crafted ice glasses as the countdown to 2014 begins.

ICEBAR LONDON are offering three lucky people plus a presumably very-impressed guest the chance to attend the NYE party:

1st Prize - 5 course dinner & champagne ICEBAR session for two.
2nd Prize - Champagne ICEBAR session for two.
3rd Prize - General entry and a complimentary glass of champagne for two.

To enter, leave a comment describing in 100 words or less a day in the life of your superspy alter-ego. Would you leap out of a helicopter onto a ski slope? Rescue Carla Bruni from a supervillain's volcano lair?


Winners will be drawn at random after 5pm on Friday 27 December and notified by email.

Book your own ICEBAR NYE experience ranging from a five-course meal complete with thermal cape and gloves to a champagne and casino session at their website. For more information contact ICEBAR on 020 7478 8910.

Usual Londonist competition policy applies.


Me as a super spy would be somewhat unorthodox. Firstly the classic tux would be retired and replaced with a tweed suit and red bow tie. Speeding through the Streets of London in an original mini cooper, expertly modified to drift round corners and shoot using automated sniper rifles mounted on the roof. Arriving at the shard where the evil super villian resides, athletically climbing the glass using my modified driving gloves that grip the glass. On arrival I would shoot the villians with my silenced shotgun and setting the shard to detonate before grabbing the girl and parachuting to WinterWonderland..


Clearly if I would tell you about my day as super spy, I would have to kill you...


I'd wake (amidst 1000 count sheets and models, naturally) to the news that Dippy the Diplodocus had been stolen from the NHM! Obviously, hiding a 26m resin skeleton would prove somewhat taxing for Bonefinger, the supervillain responsible, so I'd scout sightings of Dippy across London. I'd investigate a sighting of his tail at the London Eye, then I'd race to Harrods (in my DB9) where a foot was rumoured to be, all to no avail. The final showdown with Bonefinger would happen in Buckingham Palace. I'd fire my Walther PPK and recover Dippy! Then I'd have a martini.


Everything possible & impossible ;)

Dan Carpenter

My secret mission will be to stop the evil ice supervillain le shivre and his army of penguins from freezing the Thames. I'll sneak into his lair under the penguin enclosure at London zoo and attempt to disable his freeze ray, but...oh no! He sees me! He escapes hijacking a black cab but I chase after him in a routemaster. We chase through London before I corner him at London Brrr-idge station, where I'll use my magnifying glass to use the shard to melt the evil villian. I'll then end the day by taking the penguins to the casino


Me as a spy I'll just focus on seducing woman ... shake them not stir


I would use TfL services as my getaway paths,
blending in with all other commuters. Everyone expects spies to use high speed
boats and super fast cars. I would just hop on the closest tube, pick up a
Standard and act normal. Maybe, if I feel like doing something extravagant
(being a super spy and all that, after all), I would get on the cable car
service and have some action at the O2 arena – quite a picturesque scene for a chase!

christina brown

After getting dressed in my new feminine take on a tuxedo, I’d
grab a black cab to headquarters to receive my instructions. Then I’d don my
disguise of earphones and a pair of shades (no one bothers you when you have earphones
in) and commandeer a boat to chase the bad guys across the Thames. After I’d
captured them and handed them over, I’d go home to put my feet up and watch
episodes of Sherlock for new ideas!


My day would begin with the usual
glass of orange juice – shaken not stirred. After putting on the sharpest of
tuxes I would proceed to the londonist offices, where staff there being held
hostage by the evil Time in London group. I’d use my laser watch to cut the
glass in the window and limbo under the windowsill. Once inside I would free
the trapped Londonists and run off into the sunset with the beautiful Ms
Londonist. All in a day's work.

jony lee

well the day would normally start with feeding, sheltering, clothing, the worlds poor buy taking back from evil politicians and bankers 1% ers. then I would discover way's to stop pollution with sustainable alternatives. Then end the day creating world peace in a utopia were people were happy to live side by side.


When Boris Johnson went missing
London became a ticking time bomb, threatening to implode at any moment. It
wasn't easy, but I got him back! The chase took me riding a lion through
Regents Park, fighting off 50 men in a hand-to-hand combat teamed with Kate
Middleton in Buckingham Palace (you wouldn't believe that girl’s skills) and a
dramatic umbrella fight to the death hanging off the small hand of Big Ben. He
was returned, the Sovereign was grateful and order was restored, but I refused
my knighthood… it’s all in a day’s work.

Sheila Marrinan

Hi, the name's Shera. Shera Shenanigan, International Superspy. If you pick me as your chosen one, prepare yourself for some action, danger and who know's a potential love interest too. The question is, can you handle Shera Shenanigan? do you accept the challenge? A International Superspy like me has two basic modes, asleep or alert and I can assure you this NYE Shera Shenanigan is sure to be on Red Alert!....Further details of Shera Shenanigan's New Years Eve secret mission, will only be disclosed once winning tickets have been delivered to email address. I look forward to hearing from you. SS

Becky I

My day would involve ignoring orders and taking matters into my own hands. Pretty much like now, although with less paperwork


After donning my classic pristine 007 outfit of a tux, I would... [THE REST OF THIS INFORMATION IS CLASSIFIED]

Moira L. Morrison

You join me as I'm about to infiltrate a group of visitors to the tower of london. I have intel that the group has a plan to swop the queens crown for a fake. The party is progressing towards the viewing area and a distraction has started up in the courtyard so I am preparing my taser silencer. l'm forced to paralize each member of the group with jolts to the temple. They dont succeed in their mission. Now off I go to apprehend an alien invader at the 2014 fireworks in big ben.

Meena Latchman

i would wake up makeup and hair perfect no morning breathe, i'd pull out an outfit that would make me look 4 dress sizes smaller. I would jump into the private plane for lunch in monte carlo with my counterpart and discuss all things shopping and stop an international jewel thief then on to lapland to save santa back to blighty to speed down the thames parascending over the 02 then land on the stage as the vip guest for Rhianna and friends

Julia Bohanna

I would be in glasses, with my hair up - a sexy secretary look. The idea of course is to be invisible, pleasant - to be able to slip in and out of situations, with a tiny recording device and a smile.

Dean Stokes

As my super-spy alter-ego, I'd fly to London using my jetpack and then run across building tops pulling off some crazy jumps from building to building! I'd pop into a casino on the way to throw some money on a roulette table and carry on going. The spin would win whilst I was running to the restaurant to finally sit down and treat my girlfriend to a date at the Ice Bar!