Everything You Need To Know About Hamilton The Musical

Harry Rosehill
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Everything You Need To Know About Hamilton The Musical

Hamilton made waves on Broadway. Next year, it's finally coming to the West End. Here's everything you need to know.

Photo: Joan Marcus

When and where is it?

The Victoria Palace Theatre, re-opening after staging Billy Elliot for 11 years. That's quite the run to live up to, but early signs are that Hamilton is going to be a blockbuster on the same level, and could become a West End fixture.

Previews commence in November 2017, followed by the real launch in December. Though that might seem far off, this isn't one to sleep on.


Nothing has been released yet but you can sign up for priority booking. If you have priority booking you can purchase tickets from 16 January. If you don't well then you'll have to wait till the general on sale from 30 January. Basically, sign up for priority booking so you're not left with the scraps. As for prices, The Mail reported that the top basic tickets will be £85 each. Not cheap, but the costs on the secondary market in America are unbelievable, and will likely be similar here. Booking asap is the way to go.

There's also a plan for a daily lottery of cheaper tickets aimed at students, which they've had much success with stateside.

Lin Manuel Miranda far right. Photo: Joan Marcus

Is Lin Manuel Miranda in it?

A name to remember, Miranda is both the writer and star of Hamilton, playing the titular character. Apparently Miranda WILL star in the West End production, just not at first. He will be busy filming a sequel to Mary Poppins opposite Emily Blunt. There aren't currently dates for when Miranda's run in the role will start... if that really matters to you, it might be better to book tickets for later in the run.

Hip hop is the music of the revolution

It might seem odd considering the 18th century setting, but Hamilton's musical palette comes from the world of hip hop. Still, this is musical theatre's interpretation of hip hop; do not expect Kanye yelling HEH every other word.

It's certainly going to stand out in the West End though; at one point Hamilton lays down a rap battle with Thomas Jefferson over America's financial future. There's even a Britpop break-up song from King George III to the colonies.

Photo: Joan Marcus

Who was this Hamilton bloke anyway?

Before this musical, Alexander Hamilton was one of the least well-known American Founding Fathers. Apart from his face adorning the 10 dollar bill, he really didn't have a visible presence in American society. Considering Americans barely knew him and he's an integral part of their history, your average Brit won't know much about him.

His story has something for everyone; it's a scrappy underdog tale, with action coming in the form of the American Revolution, political intrigue and a love thread. Miranda claimed that when he read Hamilton's biography, he was shocked it wasn't already a musical, as the story was so perfect for the art form.

And the rest of the cast?

The play's characters are historical figures in positions of power from America's past. Therefore, it isn't a surprise that they were all white. That's not how things play out on stage though. Miranda described the US cast as America's past as told by America today. There will be similar racial diversity in the West End production, with much of the cast to be made up from British black, Asian and Middle-Eastern actors.

It has raked in the awards...

...11 Tonys, The Pulitzer Prize for drama, the Grammy for Best Musical Theatre Album and so many, many more. It was nominated for another five Tonys, and three of those didn't result in wins because they were beaten out by Hamilton cast mates. In short, lots of people really love Hamilton. London's going to love it too.

Last Updated 24 October 2016