Seen This Terrifying Border Control Garden?

Will Noble
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Seen This Terrifying Border Control Garden?

All gardens have borders, but this one looks harsher than most.

The centre of the Border Control garden — featuring at the RHS Hampton Court Palace Show this week — is idyllic enough, what with its lush and fertile wildflower meadow.

But it's surrounded by chain link fencing, swirls of barbed wire and foreboding turnstiles.

And just beyond the boundaries of the inner oasis, plants starved of water and nutrients struggle to survive.

The unusual garden, created by Landform Consultants and sponsored by by The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), is designed to make people stop and question how they view the plight of refugees.

It highlights the importance of providing shelter, both in the physical sense and from the psychological stresses of fleeing a conflict zone, offering protection and hope for a better future.

See the Border Control garden, and many others — including one that celebrates dogs and another that's an abstract interpretation of the universe — at the RHS Hampton Court Palace Show, from 5-10 July.

Last Updated 01 July 2016