Greenpeace Has Rebranded The Brexit Bus

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Greenpeace Has Rebranded The Brexit Bus

Remember the 'Brexit bus' that claimed £350m sent to the EU could help fund the NHS instead? Of course you do.

A few days ago,  the most notorious vehicle since JFK's open-top Lincoln was allegedly spotted stashed away in a London car park:

Today, Greenpeace has announced it's commandeered the bus, and currently has it parked up outside Parliament.

The idea of this stunt is to cover up Brexit campaign's 'lies', with thousands of messages from the public to the new government.

One of the questions asks: "What is your plan for human rights in a written constitution for the UK?"

Messages to Greenpeace/the government can be sent here.

What do you reckon? People-empowering politics or cynical publicity stunt?

Last Updated 18 July 2016

Clunking Fist

Well done these people! Everyone knows that Britain can't survive as a stand alone country. No country in the world is able to stand on its own two feet without the love and support of the EU. Don't worry, Greece (and Italy, Portugal, Spain) will come right and prove to the naysayers that a fixed exchange rate and the absence of democracy are no barriers to growth and prosperity.


For the Lib Dem press office:

The figure of £350m a week is based on official Treasury figures for Britain’s gross contribution to the EU budget for 2014.

That’s £18.8bn, or about £360m a week, which represents about 0.6 per cent of national income, about 14 per cent of total UK health spending for 2014, or £252 a year for every person in the country.