What Has London Learnt, Post-Brexit?

By Zoe Craig Last edited 32 months ago

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What Has London Learnt, Post-Brexit?
Photo by threefishsleeping used under Creative Commons

Take a deep breath. Five days have passed since the results of the EU Referendum were announced, and we think it's time London took stock.

Here's what we've learnt in the last few days:

1. The rest of the country really doesn't think like us

And if you live in Lambeth, you really, really don't think like the rest of the UK. 79% of the population of Lambeth voted to stay in the EU.

Image from the BBC website

News reports from other parts of the country have really highlighted just how differently people feel in other areas of the UK.

And as for Wales and Cornwall? Sorry, we just don't get it.

2. Some members of our city's super-tolerant population have lost the plot

Worryingly, there's been a reported increase in xenophobic incidents in London over the last few days, making us feel a whole host of things: anxious, worried, frustrated, angry and mostly, very, very sad.

From snide remarks in the street, to racist graffiti daubed on the Polish Cultural Centre in Hammersmith, we can't help feeling a bit wtaf? about this particular, peculiar Brexit by-product.

3. We can't help wondering who might occupy the No. 8 Canada Square tower in the future

With news yesterday that Barclays and RBS shares have been suspended from trading on the London Stock Exchange, and the UK lost its AAA credit rating, there's also the chance that HSBC could move some of its staff from London to Paris in the coming months.

Is London going to lose its status in the global financial markets because of Brexit? Would our traders and bankers be content in France? And who else wants to put their name on top of that Canada Square tower in Canary Wharf?

So. many. questions.

Gloomy skies over HSBC by Zefrographica, via the Londonist flickrpool

4. But news of Foxton's falling share price can still make us smile.

Sorry, estate agent types. That's just the way we're made.

5. Jamie Oliver really doesn't like our old mayor...

A thought for Great Britain..... For the last two years, I have been filming all over the world in places where people live the longest, healthiest, happiest and most productive lives studying there food and culture. And now I finish my journey on the beautiful island of Sardinia, where at the end of the day's filming, as the sun set - I looked back and saw the European flag. For me.. symbolic and very sad. But in life you don't always get what you want. So guys, whether you voted In or Out, we are where we are. But at some point soon we all need to come back together and make the best of what will be a very bumpy 5 years. This referendum has fractured Europe, divided families and split the country. The divorce of our European marriage will be very costly and provoke a bitterness towards us as a trusted country in the world...However I do believe in democracy and Britain has spoken. In my own way I will now roll up my sleeves and work harder than ever to make this work. But I BEG YOU ONE THING GREAT BRITAIN ???? Give me Boris fucking Johnson as our Prime Minister and I'm done. I'm out. My faith in us will be broken forever. So speak up people - let's stop being spectators! We can not let this happen- share the shit out of this !! #BuggerOffBoris  Trust and building relationships with other country's is the only currency that really works. (Tune — #TemperTrap)

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6. But we're feeling increasingly proud of our current one

Say what you like about our political leaders of all leanings at the moment, it does feel like we've lucked out with our new mayor. Keep it up, Sadiq. We're impressed.

And this, from London Pride at the weekend:

Somehow we can't see many other political leaders pulling off poses like this at the mo. Photo by M HAQUE via the Londonist flickrpool

7. We never realised how many of our Facebook friends were political columnists-in-training

The endless memes. The constant reshares. The pithy putdowns. The howling #hashtags. The paragraphs of personal vitriol. And the petitions. So many petitions. We never realised how politically minded our friends were; until now.

With all these strong feelings bouncing around, we can't help wondering what'll happen next...

Unless, of course, after Brexit, Bremorse and Bregret comes Broredom.

Watch this space.

Last Updated 28 June 2016