If You See A Load Of Helicopters Over London This Afternoon... Don't Panic

By Zoe Craig Last edited 25 months ago
If You See A Load Of Helicopters Over London This Afternoon... Don't Panic
Helicopter by Mark Baynes via the Londonist flickrpool

A large helicopter formation will fly over central London later this afternoon.

IanVisits notes there's a short-notice air traffic alert warning of a 'large formation of mixed type helicopters' flying between Iver and London Bridge sometime between 2.40pm and 3.30pm on 19 April.

We know Barack Obama is due to leave the US today for a week-long international trip; we're willing to bet this is his route into central London after landing at Heathrow around lunchtime (he's been known to fly in these helicopter formations in Europe before).

Take a good look — you might spot one designated 'Marine One'.   

Obama's due to have a belated birthday lunch with the Queen on Friday, and dinner with Will 'n' Kate and Harry at Kensington Palace on Friday night.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest says Obama is "looking forward to the opportunity to wish [the Queen] a happy birthday" when they dine together.

Last Updated 19 April 2016


Wrong route, the helicopters flew over my house in Suffolk half an hour ago, so I assume he landed at Mildenhall or Lakenheath.

Tom McClelland

I was at Regents Park Zoo today. The convoy appeared to land in the Park. Some of the twin-swing-rotor types, and a sparkling large single-rotor helicopter. Met police circling overhead, but something tells me that the twin-rotor craft have rather more firepower ;)

Osprey V22's? having just done a quick spot of Googling.