Are You A Londoner Or A Londonist?

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Are You A Londoner Or A Londonist?
The Londonist moquette.

We're often asked about our name.

"What is a Londonist?"

We reckon it's somebody who not only lives or works in London, but also takes a geeky interest in exploring the city's history and culture. For example:

  • A Londoner sits on the tube, playing with their phone. A Londonist sits on the tube, trying to identify the landmarks in the seat moquette, then makes their own (above).  
  • A Londoner dreams of one day going up the BT Tower. A Londonist has jogged up the stairs for charity. Twice.
  • A Londoner thinks that John Soane's Museum is a 'hidden gem'. A Londonist looks out for new exhibitions at the Fan Museum.
  • A Londoner complains about the traffic around the Crossrail digs. A Londonist has already taken a train through the tunnels.
  • A Londoner thinks that Big Ben is more properly known as St Stephen's Tower. A Londonist knows that was never the case.
  • A Londoner knows about the buried River Fleet. A Londonist has paddled in it.
  • A Londoner has a favourite pub. A Londonist does too, but also has a favourite ghost sign. And bollard.

Are you a Londoner or a Londonist?

Last Updated 11 October 2017

snail flail

are you hiring?


I think I'm just a Londoner, as it stands, but I did find out something interesting about the Central line's control centre the other day.

Tube Geek

Ist, not er, for me! Especially the moquette one! 🚇

Alastair Rae

A proper Londonist knows it's the Post Office Tower. A friend of mine still has some souvenir masonry fragments from the '71 bombing. Some of us have been around long enough to have gone up it when the restaurant was still open.

David W

With slightly different qualifiers but I am, I hope very much a Londonist...

Tony Li

I don't think I'm smug enough to pass the interview.

Neil Harrison

A Londonist has their head so far up their arse they miss the point of london.