Your Chance To Kill Zombies In East London

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Your Chance To Kill Zombies In East London

London is going to be virtually dead, unless you can stop the impending zombie virus.

That is, according to a virtual reality experience coming to east London next month.

Virtually Dead — taking place at a secret warehouse location for two weeks only — invites brave souls to don a VR headset and save a post-apocalyptic Arizonan town desert from the marauding undead.

The twist is that the warehouse is also populated by 23 actors, and the fusion of live performance and VR will, we're told, 'blur the lines between what’s real and what’s not'.

We have to admit the whole thing sounds pretty terrifying, and the fact they've got Alice Peperell (previously production manager at You Me Bum Bum Train) onboard suggests these guys know what they're doing.

In short, if you dream of getting up close and personal with hordes of flesh-eating undead, yet want to remain alive to pop down the pub afterwards, this one's for you.

Virtually Dead takes place in east London from 19 March-3 April. Tickets £30+booking fee, and on sale now.

Last Updated 03 February 2016

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Interesting. Why no mention that this is actually a PR launch by HTC for their VR headsets, not an independent event? Poor journalism, Londonist. Sponsored posts and the like are fine, but not when you hide that fact from your readers.


Why are there HTC posters in the underground saying Londonist gave this a 5 star review?? There is no review here, just a sponsored article paid for by the producers.

False advertisement and does damage to your credibility!