How Would You Cope Without Your Phone Or Social Media?

Laura Reynolds
By Laura Reynolds Last edited 36 months ago
How Would You Cope Without Your Phone Or Social Media?

A super solar storm is heading to Deptford, set to wipe out all mobile phones, television and public transport. Don't worry though, it's all part of SMASHFest UK.

The free, family-friendly festival takes place at Deptford Lounge and The Albany over half term, with science and art activities for all ages. The premise is exploring how we would survive if our communication networks collapsed.

The Human Power Station looks at alternative ways of creating energy, such as pedal power, while the Solar Storm Survival Unit lets kids have a go at building a battery against the clock. It'll certainly give them something to think about next time they power up their smartphone or Nintendo DS.

Secret Film Club promises aliens, robots and steam power, and Code Club gives 9-11 year olds an introduction to the world of coding. Genetic codes are also brought into the limelight via the medium of superheroes, and the more curious can find out what they'd look like with a genetic mutation.

For the duration of the week, London temporarily gets a second planetarium, inside a dome made from upcycled materials, allowing curious minds to gaze at the stars at any time of day, and conservation takes centre stage in The Ugly Animal Roadshow.

SMASHFest UK takes place 15-20 February. The festival is free, with events bookable in advance. 20% of tickets are unbookable so you can drop-in from an hour before your event and still get a space.

Last Updated 11 February 2016

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