Video: A Giant Tube Map Made Out Of Quality Street

Geoff Marshall
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Video: A Giant Tube Map Made Out Of Quality Street

What would happen if you tried to make a giant tube map out of Quality Street? How many chocolates would it take? What kind of Quality Street would you use for the Jubilee line? Wouldn't the toffee pennies just melt everywhere?  

In this festive video, filmed in 2015, we decided to find out the answer to all these questions.

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Thanks to Sarah Smith @ses_smith from GNproductions @gnp_london for filming. Music by Steven @SWI_Steven, edited by@geofftech

Filmed at the brilliant YouTube Space London.

We paid for all the Quality Street ourselves — this is not a sponsored article.

Last Updated 07 December 2017

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Great vid. But how come the Bakerloo misses Baker St?

Clare Herriot

Superb. Great to see the people behind the Londonist. Genius idea and film was fun to watch. I would have been high on chocolate after that!! Merry Christmas one and all.

Daniel Liam Glyn

Similar to a video I did for my project! Except replacing chocolate with words & music.. (