Video: Soho's Sex Shop Made From Felt

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Video: Soho's Sex Shop Made From Felt

Warning: This video contains images of a sexual (albeit felt) nature.

Lucy Sparrow first came to our attention when she knitted replicas of famous artworks. When she created a corner shop made from felt, her popularity really took off — with people queueing round the block to see sewn version of newspapers and tins of spam.

Now Lucy has returned, this time with a felt — wait for it — sex shop, located, where else, but Soho. Visitors can buy condoms, sex toys and S&M gear, all sewn by hand. There's even a felt 'peep show' downstairs. That's the kind of thing you really have to see to understand.

"We've had to eject a couple of people so far, who don't think we're a proper sex shop, and don't realise what's going on," Lucy told us.

The shop is a lot of fun, but there's also a personal story behind it; Lucy used to work as a lap dancer and this is her way of challenging the negative attitudes many people hold towards this industry and those who work in it.

"I think we have a backwards attitude towards sex in Britain," she says, "It doesn't seem to be out in the open as with other countries like the Netherlands where they have quite a healthy attitude towards sex, and yes they have a thriving sex industry, but they have lower rates of teenage pregnancy.

"So I think that repression and covering up and making people too scared and shy to talk about it doesn't help anyone... talking helps."

Lucy has been pondering on the idea of a sex felt shop since 2011, and it took five months of intensive sewing to make it happen. The shop is on the site of a hair salon, who have let Lucy take over for a limited amount of time.

Madame Roxy's the Felt Sex Shop is open until 17 October 2015, at 2 Green's Court, Soho W1F 0HB

By Tabish Khan and Geoff Marshall

See our video of Lucy's corner shop made from felt

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Felt very strange being there under the red lights with soooooo much laughter vibrating thru the pop up shop, making it such a fun place to be.. Maybe not an exhibition to take your gran but well worth seeking out in the back streets of Soho.. Seeing Geoff in full flow with Lucy live was quite a highlight indeed... I was lucky to be there during the filming.....

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