The Best Vegan Food Shops In London

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The Best Vegan Food Shops In London

Kerstin Rodgers writes the blog Ms Marmite Lover and is the author of V is for Vegan.  

When one of America’s top vegan cook book authors, Terry Hope Romero, came over to do a supper club with me, she was very impressed by the selection of vegan products sold in the UK, particularly the range of vegan cheeses. The United States takes veganism very seriously and every city has an exciting array of animal-free foods. London still has a way to go, but here is my selection of vegan food shops in the capital.

Vx: the Secret Society of Vegans

I love this punky food emporium from Rudy Penando, one of the founder members of the vegan movement in the UK. They sell vegan snacks, cakes, sandwiches, groceries, beauty products, drinks, pet food, shoes, clothes. They do stock imported vegan products like Vegg, the egg replacement powder that uses black salt to get the sulphuric odour.

73 Caledonian Rd, London N1 9BT

Organic For The People

The shop hasn’t been open long but I’m hearing great reports. They sell vegan and organic products.

29-30 High Street, Ealing, W5 5DB

Black Cat Cafe

This vegan cafe also has a small shopping section where you can buy vegan cheeses, sausages, tofu, chocolate, vegan cookbooks, cream and snacks. Their opening hours are a little strange, so check them out before you go.

76 Clarence Road, Hackney, London, E5 8HB

Ms Cupcake

Brixton’s vegan bakers, for all your cruelty free-cakey needs. She has a great cookbook too.

408 Coldharbour Lane, Brixton, London SW9 8LF  

Holland & Barrett

This health food store has outlets all over London. It concentrates on body building formulas, healthy supplements, protein powders, dried fruit and nuts, with a large vegan selection in the chiller cabinets from V-bites (Heather Mills's vegan food company) and other vegan companies.

Check the store locator here.  

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While not vegan Wholefoods has a great selection and many imported American vegan foods that you cannot find anywhere else. In the States they call this shop ‘whole paycheck’ because it’s not cheap. I do love shopping there though. I always feel that I’m channeling Gwyneth Paltrow — WWGB? — What would Gwyneth buy?

Barkers, Kensington High St; 43 Parkway, Camden Town; Glasshouse St, Piccadilly

Earth Natural Foods

I used to buy vegan, natural and organic wine here, which can be difficult to obtain. It has a good range of products, but also sells meat and dairy foods.

200 Kentish Town Road, London NW5 2AE


I don’t know about the rest of the Spar supermarket branches but East London vegans tell me that this shop is stocking many vegan brands such as Laura’s Idea, locally-made vegan cakes and vegan cheese.

Brooksby’s Walk, Chatsworth rd, E9


This Kurdish store is one of my favourite London shops anyway, with a fantastic fruit, veg and nuts selection but it has started to carry more vegan lines: nut milks, soy milk and cream, pulses and products from Biona. Do check out your local Turkish/Middle Eastern/Indian corner shop because they will often stock more original and interesting products than supermarkets. They have to, because as my Where2Save's owner says "the only way we can compete with the big four is by stocking different products to them."

352-354 Kilburn High Rd, NW6

The high street supermarkets

These businesses have woken up to the fact that many customers want free-from products (gluten-free, dairy-free, wheat-free, nut-free) and are starting to expand their range of vegan foods. Vegan blogger The Vegan Womble has helpfully put together an up to date vegan product list for Tesco, Waitrose, M&S, Aldi, Sainsbury's, and Co-op. Morrisons, Asda and Lidl don’t have specific vegan product lists but most things are clearly labelled.

Do you know of any other vegan shops in London? Let us know below in the comments.

Last Updated 26 October 2016

Laura Hemmington

Planet Organic is excellent, with great options for lunch, and the lovely Keen's Organic (http://keensorganicandnatural.... in Highams Park (E4) stocks a fantastic range of vegan food and household products, as well as serving great coffee.

Aidan Stevens

Well Being health food shop on Sydenham Road (SE26) has a good range of vegan food and also stocks the greatest vegan samosas on the planet for 75p a time.

Chelsea Girl

My fave London Vegan restaurant of the moment is Ethos on Eastcastle street. Its trendy/stylish and clean. We need more Trendy Vegan Restaurants, its now more than just chick peas & Humous, we need to eat tasty meals in style!


Fantastic recommendations, thanks everyone. Next week I'm doing London's best vegan restaurants/cafés. Feel free to recommend some to me, I may not have them on my list.

Elaine Miller

I don t think EARTH sells meat, never seen it in there has an amazing range of everything else though, from fresh veg and fruit, japanese staples, and very good vegan takeaway salad bowls and soups

Jane Barnes

I love V+ but you can hardly call Rudy Penando one of the founder members of the vegan movement in London, I know vegans in London who were active before he was born!!!


Sourced Market in St Pancras is great for vegan breakfast & lunch options, including loads from Laura's Kitchen. I love the vegan granola pot & the vegan calzone!

James Pullen

There's no mention of Fareshares, near the Elephant & Castle, but then it's 'an experiment in community,' not a shop: a self-organised, volunteer-run, not-for-profit community wholefoods co-operative that opens at eccentric times (see its Facebook page or for probably the cheapest vegan foodstuffs in London (they charge 15% over wholesale, so it's always less than RRP).

Mary Currie

Puzzle Organico near Peckham Rye

Hilary Masin

You forgot GreenBay Supermarket, which is entirely vegan.


A big thumbs up for Earth Foods in Kentish Town, it's a fantastic shop with so much to offer, especially the sacks of dried pulses, grains and amazing wall of spices. I no longer live close to it, but make a point of visiting if I'm ever in that area (along with Phoenicia and their amazing olive boat!)